Heritage Pallavi International Hotel, Varanasi


Built in: 18th century
Built By: Late Maharaja Bahadur, Sir Krishna Pratap Sahi (KCIE)
Transformed into hotel: In the year 1984 (04/10/1984)

The Raj Palace, built in the 18th century, was a residence of the Rulers of Hathwa from Bihar. 
The existing palace was constructed during middle of the 19th Century to house the Royal Family Members with their caravan and courtiers during their ‘Kashi Bas’. The Palace now turned hotel has witnessed its golden era during the imperative days of Late Maharaja Bahadur, Sir Krishna Pratap Sahi (KCIE). 

The family legacy is carried on by Maharaja Bahadur M.P SahiMaharani P Sahi son Maharaj Kumar KaustuvM. P. Sahi and Daughter Maharaj Kumari Adya Sahi, with modern amenities providing an imperial feeling.


Raj Rasoi & Pharaoh’s Koleos (Banquet & Conference), Patna


The kitchen of, The ‘Royal family of Hathwa Raj’, emerges ‘The Raj Rasoi Restaurant’, with an ‘Imperial dining experience’. Built in 2006 the restaurant offers a perfect amalgamation of traditional and contemporary selection of food, desserts and mock-tails.

Raj Rasoi’ is a chain of renowned restaurant with nationwide presence, maintaining global standards in excellent service and gourmet cuisine.

Pharaoh’s Koleos (Banquet & Conference), Patna


Pallavi International Hotel, Kolkata



The “Pallavi International Guest House”, Kolkata is a unit of R.H. Properties Pvt. Ltd. It has been established in the year 2005, by a group of enthusiastic and dedicated and team members , with the aim of providing world class rooms & suites for different tastes and requirements, be it for a corporate high flier, business and pleasure trip, all at a perceived value. Created exclusively to offer the Pleasure & Comfort of a star category Hospitality unit, for an ultimate satisfaction, comfort and luxurious experience.

The Pallavi International, Kolkata was generated from India’s one of the most Renowned & Famous Raj Families "Hathwa".